You’ll never have to apply makeup to your lace ever again! Our Lace Tint Mousse makes it easy to achieve a natural-looking install by making it look as if your lace wig is growing out of your scalp.
The mousse tints your lace while defining your baby hairs, so your installation is totally undetectable.
With our 3 available colors, you’re sure to find a shade that perfectly matches your complexion and makes your wig look 100% natural.
You can also mix 2 colors to have another shade.

How to Use:

  • Shake well.
  • Apply product directly to the lace of your wig to achieve your desired tint blend.
  • Note: Please take preventative measures when using light-colored hair. (please add a line about tinting your hands or wearing gloves)


  • Caramel – Light Brown Color
  • Pumpkin- Medium Brown Color
  • Chestnut- Dark Brown Color
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Lace tinting is super important. If you are tired of your lace not matching your melanin. Nab Lace Tint Mousse will make your lace disappear.
Carry three very potent shades and it’s all organic and ideal for sensitive skin. If you are in between shades, you will need to mix the two shade to get your shade. You can always add more layers to build up for more darker shade.

Colour reference guide:

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