All lace adhesion system designed for the ULTIMATE HOLD are in this set

How often do you come across a product that benefits both the client and the stylist? The biggest benefit for the hairstylist is the “savings” spending “less” and making “more” is the key to Everythingnab products. One bottle of Lace glue last the buyer 4-6 months or longer.
Nab Lace Stickum Adhesive results will “increase “ the stylist clientele cos of the natural/realistic look achieved with it therefore increase in clientele, increases income.

Are you Working smart or Hard? This complete set is cheap investment with expensive results.

The perfect product that will save you money and make you more money.

You fill me!!!! Get this set now

How to Use:

  • Perform a patch test on an inconspicuous area of the skin before applying across your forehead. After you are pleased with the outcome of your patch test, apply the sister product to the adhesive: NAB LACE STICKUM SKIN GUARD to a clean forehead. Then, apply a thin layer of Nab Lace Stickum Adhesive across the forehead. Allow the adhesive to become tacky and appear clear before applying another layer. (We recommend between three and seven layers depending on the install, but three is very common!) After each layer has become clear and tacky, attach the unit you’re working with. Allow the unit to cure for at least 24 hours before getting wet.

Use Nab Stickum Release Adhesive Remover to break down the wig glue in a gentle way leaving your skin the way it was before the application.

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Lace tinting is super important. If you are tired of your lace not matching your melanin. Nablacemask will make your lace disappear. Carry five very potent and pigmented shades and it’s all organic and ideal for sensitive skin.

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